VLANK CONCEPT WEAR 「着る人それぞれのWHEREABOUTS」をテーマに、洋服を人生の余白(BLANK)と捉え。着る人の日常をサポートするアイテムを提案する。 選択肢が多様化しすぎた社会の中で、ブランドやデザインだけでなく製作の背景にもこだわって選択して欲しい。世界に誇れる技術を持った工場、生産者と協力してこそ生まれるデザインを納得出来るプライスで手に取って欲しい。との思いからチームを結成。 クオリティの高い伝統の技術を用いることで、様々な人の日常にフィットするVLANK CONCEPT WEARオリジナルのアイテムを展開します。 “The whereabouts of what you are wearing” is our theme. Think about clothing as the BLANK of your life. We support your daily life with items. Our factories and producers and we are the “team” that shares common thoughts. In the diversification of a society with variety, there are many kinds of brands as well as designs. We have factories and producers that can boast fine skills throughout the world and that have cooperated with one another. We, therefore, would like you to be particular about the background of the process as well as the result and we want you to have satisfactory items. Using ultimate traditional Japanese skills enables everyone’s life style to be better suited to their needs. That is our original brand VLANK CONCEPT WEAR. info : info@vlankcw.com